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AST Enzymes Lipase-HP

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Lipase-HP Plus

How well do you breakdown the fat that you eat?

Fat or lipids are heavily consumed in the average diet. Some of these fats are healthy and some are not quite as beneficial to our health. Regardless of the dietary nutritional value of the types of fat we consume, it is essential to properly break them down for our body to either utilize or remove. Dietary fats can be difficult to properly break down: first, because they are large molecules, and secondly, because they are not water soluble.

Factors such as age, stress or lifestyle choices can affect the production of enzymes to support proper digestion, such as lipase (fat-digesting enzyme), and vital fluids such as bile.

Lipases are a class of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of fats within the digestive system.  Produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder, bile salts function in breaking down larger molecule of fats (triglycerides), allowing more surface for lipid to efficiently break down fats. Once properly broken down, they move along the lining of the small intestine for further processing, and are then absorbed.

When the digestive system does not produce or secrete adequate amounts of lipase to accommodate dietary fat intake, symptoms like bloating, cramping, flatulence, undesired weight gain, and sometimes steatorrhea (fat in the stool) may occur. Lipases are produced primarily by the pancreas as pancreatic enzymes. If the pancreas isn’t functioning properly, it is likely to cause fat maldigestion and malabsorption, which results poor nutritional absorption.

Lipase HP Plus for better Absorption

Take a lipase supplement supports people whose pancreas isn’t producing a sufficient amount of lipase in digesting fats. Taking lipase with omega-3, fish oils and other fatty acid supplements supports nutrient absorption.

Lipase HP Plus is a highly effective blend of essential enzymes promoting nutrition absorption. Lipase HP Plus’s high concentration of Lipase is used to in combination with amylase and proteases to suppor the breakdown of protein, sugars, and most importantly, fats in our diets. Taking Lipase HP Plus before a meal supports fat digestion and nutrient absorption.*

Lipase HP Plus also contains ox bile to support lipase digestion.

  • Lipase HP Plus is expertly designed to maximize the benefits of food we eat on a daily basis. Our daily diets consist of starches/carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
  • Lipase HP Plus is formulated to support the breakdown of what we consume into usable sources of energy and nutrition.*
  • Lipase Plus contains high activity lipase to support the breakdown of fats, and also bile as a support via the emulsification process.*

Why choose Lipase HP Plus?

1)      Vegetarian enzymes

Studies suggest that non-animal sourced enzymes are superior to those sourced from animals. Vegetarian enzymes, studies show, are more concentrated, so fewer capsules are needed. They are also more stable in varying pH levels of the digestive tract.

2)      Ox Bile

After the careful consideration of alternative vegetarian emulsifiers to maximize the efficiency of this product, we concluded that ox bile, though not vegetarian, would be the most effective. The addition of ox bile in a unique quality in Lipase HP Plus because it is useful in the emulsification process of fats.* Lipase would not be as effective without bile.

3)      High Potency Lipases

The high levels of lipases in our product are sufficient in supporting fat digestion and promoting nutrient absorption.*

4)      Manufactured in Chino, CA

As the manufacturers of Lipase HP Plus, we guarantee the freshest products available as well as the expert knowledge of the ingredients that formulate this powerful product.

5)      Additional enzymes

Unless your diet consists of only butter, oil, and animal fat, the addition of enzymes such as proteases and amylases are important to support digestion of sugars and proteins.*

6)      For those who do not have the proper function of the pancreas or gallbladder

If those organs are not producing bile or lipases, supplementing with bile and/or lipases supports fat digestion and proper digestive function.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.